Here you could find my projects from studios, that I worked for. The videos are classified  from the most recent  posts to the oldest.

Vous trouverez ici les projets, auxquels j’ai participé par studio. Les vidéos sont classés par compagnie de la plus récente à la plus ancienne.



Hybride a Ubisoft division


Title : The House with a Clock in Its Walls
Work Done : coming soon

Title : Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 1
Work Done : Explosions

Title : Solo: A Star Wars Story
Work Done : coming soon

Title : Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer
Work Done : Training site: rain, rock falling from lightsaber cut and steam (iron gag)

Title : Mother!
Work Done : Hearts and Fx

Title : Valerian and the City of a thousand Planets
Work Done : Dust sand from bus reactors in desert

Title : Kong: Skull Island
Work Done : Ocean, dirt and leaves simulation of stick tree creature, water simulation wood door opening

Title : The Great Wall
Work Done : Smoke and dust

Title : Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Work Done : Glass shatter on the imperial research facility



MELS Vision Globale


Title : Race
Work Done : Crowd simulation

Title : Fallen
Work Done : Black entities, shadows

Title : Corbo
Work Done : Glass shatter explosion simulation

Title : Outcast
Work Done : Rigid body, fire, smoke, dust, blood, cloth

Title : Beauty and the Beast
Work Done : Entities

Title : Iceberg
Work Done : Rigid body, splash, dust, snow

Title : The Colony
Work Done : Explosion fume, dust, rigid body, snow

Title : Young Galaxy, New Summer
Work Done : (in a team of 3) Fire, smoke, dust



Digital Dimension


Title : The Grey
Work Done : Falling snow, storm snow, wolf fur simulation

Title : Lord of the Rings, Spoilers – Ending cinematic
Work Done : Smoke in right hand simulation, in a team desintegration: I did the ashes of particle, cloth . Some lightning effects.

Title : Lord of the Rings, WITN The Fellowship
Work Done : hair simulation, in a team : snow , Blood.

Title : Mortal Kombat Kratos
Work Done : Ice ball Subzero , in a team : shadow dust , pixi Dust , cold Smoke , fire shadow teleport on ground.

Title : FEAR 3 Cinematic 2011
Work Done : Hair simulation, in a team Dust.

Title : Mortal Kombat Shadows
Work Done : Hair simulation, in a team : dust, blood.

Title : Mortal Kombat 9
Work Done : Hair simulation, in a team : Dust, Cloth.

Title : Mortal Kombat Teaser
Work Done : Hair simulation, in a team : Dust , Cloth.

Title:Lord of the Rings : War in the North
Work done : Hair simulation



Halogen Filmshop


Title : Wall
Work Done : In a team, simulation, modeling, texture and animation.


Groupe Image Buzz


Title : Avanlancha
Work Done : In a team, rigid body, avalanche simulation

Title : Advil
Work Done : Liquid



Centre NAD


Title : Demo 3
Work done at school